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  1. We Carry On

From the album Here on the Edge


WE CARRY ON words and music by Marci Geller l. See her look away as she tries to hide the pain of the memories she keeps in her purse. Don’t you ever notice she calls out through her acts of desperateness, she hides the mess. Oh, but she is strong, oh she carries on. ll. So she covers truth with a veil of curling smoke and sweet vermouth, she numbs the day. Fade out into hope she can almost touch the place where she used to live, so far away. Oh, but it is strong, oh she carries on. Bridge She tried to wipe the stain with a cloth her mother gave her, it stays. And yet she’ll swear to you that it doesn’t really hurt it merely fades. lll. Long breath, close my eyes because in her I recognize that familiar face, I saw myself. Oh but I am strong, oh I carry on and on, Oh, but she is strong, oh she carries on. Oh, but we are strong, oh we carriy on. ©1996 Paisley Saucers Music/SESAC