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Marci Geller at Sunset Concerts

Harborfront Park, 101A East Broadway, Port Jefferson, NY

Yahoo, this is going to be great! Concertgoers are encouraged to bring a picnic supper and their own blankets or lawn chairs. This is a terrific way to connect with neighbors and make new friends, all while enjoying delightful music and spectacular sunsets over Port Jefferson Harbor. There are some terrific food establishments in the area – pick up something to go, and come on down to the Park!

The concerts are free to the public. We move into the Village Center if the weather doesn’t cooperate (no dogs inside the Village Center, please).

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House Concert Info

For House Concerts that are coming up, go HERE
House Concerts and What You Need To Know
This info gently "borrowed" from www.HouseConcerts.org - which they encourage. Be sure and visit their site!
House concerts are a wonderful grassroots phenomenon where world class musicians and developing local talent alike perform in the comfortable intimacy of private homes and similar nontraditional spaces. They're fun to attend, fun to present, and fun to play.
  • The definition's flexible, but generally, it's a show that's presented in someone's home, or a nearby private space (barn, backyard, shearing tent, you name it).
  • Usually, but not always, the audience capacity is smaller than at a coffeehouse or club.
  • The money collected usually (but not always) goes straight to the performers, with no "profit motive" on the presenter's part.
  • Often, but not always, house concerts are conducted "by invitation" rather than as "public" concerts like a club or concert hall.
  • Refreshments, if any, are usually either a "pot luck" brought by the listeners, or provided by the hosts using a bit of the gate receipts.
  • Sometimes - but definitely not always - the performers get a meal and/or lodging with the presenters as part of their compensation.
OK, great - what do we do?  If you or a friend want to host a Marci Geller House Concert, please send us an email and we'll get back to right away!

House Concert Host Reviews

"Marci went above and beyond. We think we will adopt her."- Betty & Richard Stewart, Garage-Ma-Hall

"My name is Fred or as my friends call me Abiqua. My wife Wendy and I just had our first concert. Our series is called Celebration of Life Acoustic Music Series where we celebrate everyone's triumphs in life. We live in Beaumont, California, which is thirty minutes west of Palm Springs. This past Friday we hosted Marci Geller. Marci was wonderful. Her voice was flawless and stage presence was dynamic. The audience was captured from the moment she sat down at her piano. Our humble abode will forever be blessed with the sound of this gifted songtress. We highly recommend her. This is truly a wonderful life!"- Abiqua, Celebration of Life

"On Saturday Night I hosted a House Concert for Marci Geller from the Greater Long Island area. She's a doll, she's a GREAT performer and songwriter and I would highly recommend booking her for House Concerts." -Anthony Whitaker, House of Abundant Kindness

"The GarageMaHall thanks you for your delightful performance.  Several of our guests commented on the passion and truthfulness of your lyrics.  Your artful weaving of  "life's experiences" into "that's my story too" songs was a joy to watch and hear.  We look forward to seeing you again in the near future."
-Richard and Betty Stewart, Garage-Ma-Hall, Las Vegas